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Barlotta Mike ’70

Barlotta Mike ’70

Barlotta Mike ’70

Bleck, Robert ’72

Bock, David ’69

Cullen, Charles

Cullen, Charles ’54

Cusato, Carl ’66

Everard, Ken '54

Koriyama, Naoshi ’54

Koriyama, Naoshi ’54

   "Loaf of Poetry"
"Unfolding Bud" 
Koriyama, Naoshi ’54

Sullivan, John ‘61

Sullivan, John ‘61

Sapir, Glenn

Stephenson, Alan ‘52

Tillman, Gus '59

Tillman, Gus '59

Tillman, Gus '59

Upcraft, Lee ‘60  

Upcraft, Lee ‘60

Upcraft, Lee ‘60  




Featured Profiles

Russ Craig '75

Harry Hotaling '71

Bart Koehler '70

Naoshi Koriyama '54

Thomas J. Pekich

George Philip '69

Richard Margison '69

Coach R. Keith Munsey

Kurt Rosenbaum '53

John Sullivan '61

Ken Szymanski  '73

 Members of the fraternity have made notable contributions in their chosen careers and professional lives. The world wide web contains information on many brothers including:

               Amaru, William ‘72                   

               Anderson, Dave ‘69             

               Battisti, Fran ‘70                  

               Blair, Gerald ‘64                     

               Bossone, Tony ‘73                  

               Brown, Ivan '70                    

                Cioppa, Philip‘79                 

                Cusato, Carl ‘66                  

               D'Onofrio, Anthony ‘61               

               Dusanenko, Ted ‘64                               

               Ewashko, John ’73                   

               Familant, Robert ‘72               

               Farnsworth, Randy ‘73        

               Fowler, Chuck ‘60                

               Frederick, Larry ‘71               

               Gable, Robert '66                  

                Gilmartin, Michael ‘67          

                Hooker, Paul ‘60                       

                Hull, Warren ‘70                       

               Hymanson, Alan ‘74             

               Keleshian, George                


               Kolln, Werner ‘73                 

               Jurinski, Neil '60                   

               Lomaga, George '65             

               Mott, Bill ‘72                       

               Ninomiya, Jim ‘74                

                Pincus, Bob ’73                    

              Pixley, Larry ’68                    

              Pizzillo, Pep ’66                    

              Sapir, Glenn '70                      

               Snack, Jim ‘78                       

               Stephenson, Alan '55             


               Stone, Art ‘54                        

               Straus, Mark ‘70                   
Straus, Mark ‘70  Link #2

               Upcraft, Lee ‘60                    

               Vacca, Richard ‘67                

               Woodruff, Howard '63           

               Zahurak, Steve '67               
               Zahurak, Steve '67 Link #2

                 Zikry, Emad '72                 
                 Zikry, Emad '72    Link #2



University at Albany Veterans Project

                                    Allasio, John ’54

                               Brown, Alvin ’53

                             Dammer, Paul ’58

                               Scott, John ’68  

                               Stephenson, Alan ’55


Other Updates

Many brothers have recently touched base and provided some updated information on their lives, careers and experiences.  The chart summarizes this and indicates where brothers might have provided more detailed updates in their own words.   As part of the March 2001 reunion, Dave “Sparky” Anderson ’69 spearheaded an effort to collect memories and updates on brothers’ recent activities for a yearbook.  Approximately 80 brothers responded, primarily from the early 60’s to the early 70’s.  The hardcopy compilation was distributed by Sparky and now images of these responses may be available to brothers upon request. 

In addition, we have a few letters recently sent by brothers and would like you all to consider sending us updates on your lives and memories as well.  A brief review of the updates provided so far tracks the evolution of the New York State College for Teachers into the University at Albany.  Many of the earlier brothers were or are in the field of education as teachers, professors, principals, counselors and administrators.  It seems like half of them worked for Guilderland Central Schools at one point or another.  As years progressed more brothers became accountants, attorneys and physicians.   There is also a mixture of those working for large corporations (IBM, GE and others) and those who own and operate small businesses.  Many brothers have also become county legislators, mayors, supervisors, councilmen and other elected officials.  Furthermore, a few have decided to become men of the cloth. The geographic distribution is also vast.  While some are still in New York, many have moved to the sun belt (especially Florida and North Carolina) or the West Coast.  Still others can be found in New England or the Mid-Atlantic States.  There are even a few in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Please contact  John Ewashko for additional information or to submit your updated biographical information. 


Many established fraternities have been successful in utilizing their alumni connections for the purposes of business and employment.  APA has never provided such a supportive network but we can help in a small manner by allowing for brothers' smaller business enterprises to be listed as links to our web site.